Man Luka fashion women dancing autumn luxury charm new ideas

High-profile gorgeous spring and summer drifting autumn back to the retro, elegant, joy and sexy atmosphere. Color is still brilliant Yue move, the design is full of passionate imagination. Autumn colors are more vivid bright women , bright and soft, stylish and na

"Where pocket" children's clothing, happy harvest, share happiness

Step on the soft soil, we truly feel the hotbed of life can be so plain. As long as the season of the elderly floating in the air, all the sleeping seeds can be nurtured here, harvest here, to share here. Autumn girl and "where pocket" children gathered here, together with the chil

Spanish leisure brand Bershka 2011 Autumn Women Lookbook

Spanish casual brand Bershka 2011 Early Autumn Women's Lookbook, wild moccasins, leopard print Leggings, skirts, over-the-knee boots, metal studded belts, locomotive leather jackets; timeless striped outfits with classics Stiff

Demand is low or it is the turning point of chemical fiber industry

If only from the analysis of operational data, the chemical fiber industry is in good shape in the first half of this year, and a number of indicators have grown steadily year-on-year. “The first half of this year was better than the first half of last y

"G & S" Men: Nordic fashion brand swept the Chinese market

Nowadays, people's fashion preferences continue to change. In the background of international apparel famous beachhead domestic market, the domestic apparel market set off an international brand consumer boom. Among them, the Spanish men's brand "G & S", which first land