Love "gold bra" inlaid with 160 diamond gorgeous debut

" Love 2012 spring and summer conference" scene, a piece of 160 diamonds in the new "bra" slowly opened the mysterious veil.
At first glance, this gorgeous bra that gold lace, light and soft, it is difficult to link it with the metal. Howev

Hand in hand with the offside youth clothing, every day is 3.15

With 3.15 Consumer Rights Day approaching, some businesses feel at risk, some companies "turning crisis into opportunities", and some shopping malls hit "the most goods" to pay tribute, as a teenager clothing brand representatives, offside juvenile equipment but said today

B.COM BK BMC underwear fast fashion trend in China

The fast fashion with "fast, hard, accurate" as the main feature is rapidly emerging, so that the pursuit of fashionable young people rush. Zara, a fast-fashion-dominant brand, has made a huge success in the global market, but consumers will inevitably co

January foreign trade "double drop" without excessive worry

In January 2012, the total value of China’s foreign trade import and export was US$272.6 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 7.8%; of which exports fell by 0.5% and imports decreased by 15.3%. The re-emergence of the "double drop" of imports a