Jiangsu Textile Engineering Society convenes the tenth congress

On July 18th, the 10th Member Representative Conference of the Jiangsu Textile Engineering Society and the “Towncup” Jiangsu Textile Academic Annual Conference were held in Nanjing. More than 200 representatives from the textile industry in the pro

Sandals in summer must be "thick and thick"

[This site - shoes and life] As the saying goes, "Shoes are good, only the feet know", summer sandals have many tricks, but not necessarily for everyone. Then, wha

Daphne flat sandals give a wonderful moment

Ben Wang August 7, each girl is eager to wear sexy high-heeled shoes to show temperament and confidence, but high-heeled shoes bring a lot of discomfort to our feet, so many girls are discouraged. At this time, a pair of comfortable and cool flat shoes is absolutely the be

Benetton baby shoes comfortable and full of fun

Mothers pay attention to it, the baby for the baby to prepare baby shoes myself! Benetton full color in the United States knows that in the first months of life, emotions will bear in mind the life! Benetton baby shoes spring and summer new healthy, soft fabrics provide a perfect care for newb

Calabay Ocean Love family make every sweet day

Calabay Ocean Love family polo series, take you to enjoy the charm of the classic does not decline! Fresh light blue to your ocean flavor, striped pattern decoration, red, white and blue color, as if with a salty sea breeze, People yearning for the beach holiday days; weekday wearing a little

Gelai Di women show will be multi-life style of women

"GLADITH Ge Laidi" brand originality fashion capital - France Paris!
Timing In the 90s of the last century, with the improvement of consumer tastes and the transmission of fast-paced popular messages, the traditional clothing inertia was completely e

Womens joined the preferred Martian slave brand women

MY TENO brand since landing in the Chinese apparel market, has been committed to the development of high-end apparel brands , adhere to the fashion ideas, luxurious exquisite tailoring, creating MY TENO brilliant.

In the gradual mat