Cassault 2012 autumn and winter colors - colorful reddish brown

Between the red and yellow brick red line, very suitable for Asians yellowish skin, full of youthful and invincible power, and less saturated reddish brown, giving a mature, prudent sense of elegance. This gradual change in color can always meet the changing needs

Everything: Maintenance and use of duvets

Down has always been a special favorite in the cold winter, no matter which country it is in, its warmth is convincing. People are eager for the warmth of this snow-white package, and people lament the light texture of this delicate pile. Down products are also diverse, the most common

Congratulations Xishi Shi family stationed in Tongan District, Fujian

For the majority of women to bring more beauty, Xishi Shi family underwear brand in China, north and south flow of flowers everywhere, recently, Fujian Tongan District once again ushered in the grand opening ceremony of Xishi Shi brand underwear stores. From the in