Be wary of clothes, toxic clothing, buy seven attention

Clothing, food and shelter, clothing first. It is difficult for people to associate clothing with the word harm. In fact, toxic clothing is as harmful to the human body as toxic food. The opportunity of “retaining poison” can be seen everywhere from the formation of clothing to

Let us know diamonds

The chemical composition of a diamond is carbon, which is the only single element in a gemstone and belongs to an equiaxed system. Often containing 0.05% to 0.2% of impurity elements, the most important of which are N and B, their presence is related to the type an

How to "raise" jade

If the jade is to be raised, is it a bit fresh? Although jade is not an animal or a plant, it does need nursing. Everyone knows that there are species of jade, and there are "old" and "tender" species. The "old" crystal grains are fine

Celebrate Kang Lanyi Shenzhen Dalang underwear franchise opened

In the 2012 Christmas approaching, warm congratulations Kang Luni Shenzhen Big Wave fashion underwear to join the shop November 21 grand opening! Shenzhen Dalang underwear franchise opened further for the Shenzhen area of ​​the crowd to provide the op

Trendy winter jackets in trendy pants

This December 14, the grid element always has a place in the fashion industry, it does not necessarily have a classic black and white, but the grid has always been low-key and will never make it a must for all ages, and there is a grid This kind of magic, that is, a hundre

Windshield film for explosion protection and maintenance

[China Glass Net] Whether the windshield is suitable for the film Many people have different opinions, but in the Xiaobian view, the windshield film will be better than the non-sticking effect, because the glass film can have various functions such as explosion-

Wan Zefeng International Fashion Group Public WeChat opened

Wan Zefeng International Fashion Group public micro signal opened! Group owns the "wonderful" brand women, the brand type of fashion women's workplace, together with scanning two-dimensional code, plus our official WeChat! Feel fashion simple,