Mango 2013 autumn and winter series album

Mango got Russian supermodel Anna Selezneva 2013 autumn and winter series as a new album model, which contains a variety of denim single product, full of autumn feeling and less heavy cool knit, and a variety of jacket, and fleeing one of them Plaid and animal line

New three-color winter light sweet fashion brand wear take

Although autumn is not central, but the winter is approaching, sudden cooling has made you feel the winter's prelude? Good at the beautiful, fantasy into reality three colors , this winter will give us what kind of stunning? Sweet warm pastel color, berry color

Marketing: 5 tips for improving customer loyalty

[China Glass Network] One-time consumer customers can't promote the continuous growth of our business. Finding ways to retain customers and turn them into loyal members is the key to success. The data shows that in the case of a 5% increase in customer reten

Current status of nano antibacterial textiles and antibacterial technology