Georges Chakra (GeorgesChakra) 2013 Rainbow Series Women

Georges Chakra (Georges Chakra) brand, in the annual T Taiwan show, the designer's heart I hope my brand can get a different applause, the 2013 spring and summer women's series, there is no winter red Yan , Single in color, it is very bright, Xiao Bian to s

Lost jewelry in London

The "London Lost Jewelry" Chepside Art Exhibition, sponsored by Gemfields, the world's top colored gemstone producer, and its famous jeweler Faberge, was launched at the London Museum last month.

Counting the evolutionary history of bride Yang Mi’s clothing

Ben Wang News on November 15, recently Yang Mi announced the wedding ring high-profile out of the wedding, the controversial actress eventually caught the turtle turtle, get their own happiness. Looking back at her debut for several years, she had to sigh that her clothing

Winter car maintenance, windshield glass should be used with deicer

[China Glass Network] In the cold winter, how to maintain the car in winter has become a topic of concern for car owners. After the vehicle has passed the warranty period, some faults will inevitably occur. Cars need "three-point repair, seven-point mainten

Plus velvet jacket how to add plus velvet boy jacket

Just entered the beginning of the winter, not too cold, a small jacket with a very warm cashmere, plus cashmere style For now, is one of the indispensable style, whether adults or children, have velvet style , Not only will not be bloated in the winter is more full of fashion sense. Photo cred

What is ink jade?

The appearance of the ink jade is as black as ink, and has a fine texture, the surface is also bright and white, giving a lovely vision. Moyu is also a precious and rare natural resource... What exactly is Moyu? Let’s introduce it to Xiaobian as a friend!