Girls spring and summer clothing with tips

Girl's beauty has always been a unique fashion and taste, especially accessories to the popular fashion, the girls look more beautiful and colorful, if your home also has a playful little princess, as your parents, you want to let Daughter can be so smart and lovely, "Rainbow cat blue

What color summer clothes to wear good? Red bubble skirt skin by age

Summer hot sun, accidentally tanned. What sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen is essential. However, the summer option a piece of skin color of the single product is very important. Pieces of red is very foreign style skin, suitable for all types of girls. Di T

Fashion trend vane Ai music brand women

Trend is always accompanied by the fashion, Ai music products in the fashion trend of the big dye vat, always uphold the fashion and trend of both the brand concept, in the vulgar s

Flat shoes become the new favorite faded domineering elegant play

Ben Wang March 25 hearing, high-heeled shoes are often sexy and charming, but flat shoes faded high heel, less domineering yet elegant, regardless of dress, trousers can match. It's no wonder that girls don't need to bite their heads and stilettos in exchange for a

New travel beach skirt passion interpretation of Bohemia

Summer, is not it want to go to Hainan to eat coconut, want to see the sea, looking for the ends? Do you want to feel the ethnic customs? Would like to do it again a thousand times. Well, travel dress up is the most important for a woman. Sanya ethnic dress to go t

Sexy fashion: refuse to walk away from the "airport"

Sexy is an attitude, sexy fashion is: refuse embarrassed walk away from nervous and cautious fear, from no longer equal to the "airport". Beauty to bring a good mood, so a good bra to help you perfect mood!