FULLTEAM2015 autumn and winter new stitching fashion

FULLTEAM loyal fans must have noticed a phenomenon, that is, every season, FULLTEAM will use a large number of splicing elements to redefine deconstruction and reconstructionism, emphasizing the extreme contrast of the United States, the bold illusion was presented

Why do men always stare at her? How to wear oversized coat to look good

Early winter struck, fashion-loving sister who started the action again. High-energy warning in front: a large number of fashionable ladies come slowly, men, please note! After the sisters came close only to find: the original is wearing a large-sized coat! I do no

INSUN Enshang Women's 2015 Winter Outfit Apparel Match Trend

Pass a blessing in red, pass a temperature, pass positive energy and create a happy mood. With red, white and black as the main colors, the concept of a new saturated color is created to create a low-key and simple beauty of INSU

Jade, why should I buy you! ?

Many auctions in the year, the most important purpose is the sale of jadeites, a necklace of more than 70 million Hong Kong dollars, a ring of more than 4 million Hong Kong dollars, a bracelet of more than 10 million yuan ... in the people competing to buy high-end

Men will wear how to wear men along with Edison Dayton type

If you are called "handsome guy", do not be complacent, think people are praising you, now "handsome" can be said that only a title, there is no very special meaning, on the contrary if others call you male, even if Not for your appearance of affirmation, at least affirmed

What to wear blue blue winter blue what to wear with a single product

It seems that the blue single item is more popular in the summer, as the faint fresh colors seem to bring coolness to the hot air around them. Is there any room for it in the winter? Of course not, winter is a depressed dull season, if you touch the blue, the air w