2017 summer lingerie swim trend trend preview - focus of color and material

The French Eurovet Group and ConceptParis presented a full preview of the 2017 Summer Lingerie Swimwear Trends. Three theme series: space roaming, kaleidoscope, vitality bloom.

Space roaming - explore unlimited emotions and more new experiences

Earth and Interstellar: Innovative organic patterns and camouflage effects, feathers, sky, and the earth's surface texture.

Flashing stars: glossy and illusion effects, the flow of the universe and stars, and the texture of the wet-look effect.

Surface material: leather effect, casual style such as denim fabric and dark gray knit, newly developed mesh and full of jacquard fabric.

Kaleidoscope - a vibrant midsummer garden

Sweet memories: flowers, butterflies, birds and fruits. Inspired by ethnic style, William Morris and Pucci scarves in the 60s and 70s.

Careful and youthful: white and black for the bottom net, with extremely delicate embroidery and lace. Mix different colors, three-dimensional and two-tone lace.

Patterns and strong styles: large proportions of patterns, flowers, cutouts, patchwork, batik, updated traditional beach patterns, and the use of different pattern proportions.

Vibrant bloom - the blend of technology and fun

Pattern sense: retro 70s strips, abstract patterns, modern art, casual, Lego blocks.

Playfulness: from street art to knitting, and rattan basket woven material.

"Techtures": from beaded to bubble texture, double-sided fabric, spacer fabric, thin, strong and delicate jacquard fabric.

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