Anta: Let the Chinese use their own sports brand

Anta: Let the Chinese use their own sports brand

One thing has made Ding Zhizhong, president of Anta (China) Co. He once sponsored a poor student. To his astonishment, this student, despite being subsidized, still lived a hard life. He kept food costs within 3 yuan per day and bought a pair of Nike priced at 680 yuan six months later. Basketball shoes.

Ding Zhizhong was shocked. He secretly warned himself, "I must let all Chinese people wear the sneakers that they can afford, but they are also good-quality and comfortable."

When that happened, Anta had a certain reputation. Today, the Anta brand led by Ding Zhizhong has won the first place in the overall market share of the national sports shoes market for five consecutive years. The company’s first sports science laboratory was established in China. Has obtained more than 40 national patents. “Let every Chinese person can afford to buy and buy Chinese branded sports goods and make them comfortable and comfortable.” This dream is becoming a reality step by step.

Established China's first sports science laboratory to make shoes as comfortable as socks

18 years ago, Ding Zhizhong carried 600 pairs of shoes and set foot on a train bound for Beijing. This is the first step in his expansion of the domestic market.

In Beijing's sports shoes sales market, he fought for four years and Ding Zhizhong accumulated some funds. However, he saw that quite a few of the more famous brand shoes on the domestic market at that time were produced in his hometown of Jinjiang, Fujian, and branded sports shoes could sell for 10,000 yuan a day. The unbranded shoes produced by Jinjiang were sold one day. Get 3,000 yuan even if the "miracle". He thought to himself, "I must go back and create a brand name that belongs to Jinjiang."

In 1991, Ding Zhizhong founded ANTA in his hometown.

In 1999, Anta hired Ping Wing World Champion Kong Linghui as the spokesperson for the brand image, and used "I choose, I like" as the slogan. Never thought that the "Anta-Kong Linghui" effect had a tremendous response in the Chinese sporting goods industry. This also made Anta more profoundly aware that "Sports has the power to change the world." Ding Zhizhong often quoted former South African President Mande. Pull this sentence to motivate your employees.

Soon after the launch of Anta's brand, it happened that Ding Zhizhong had made it unforgettable.

Do it professionally. Basketball is the most widely developed in the country. The potential consumer groups of basketball shoes are also the largest. Anta keenly judges that professional basketball shoes have a broad space for development in the market. Therefore, the R&D department has focused its efforts on manufacturing professional basketball shoes. on. In order to create the ideal sports shoes in the heart, in 2005, Anta spent 20 million yuan, the first to establish the first sports science laboratory in China. The laboratory currently has more than 100 outstanding scientific and technical personnel and technical management personnel, mainly researching and developing the most advanced and cutting-edge sports products. In the same year, ANTA's funds for innovation, R&D reached 30 million yuan, and it plans to increase at an annual rate of 30%.

“Through the laboratory and a series of technological innovations, each pair of shoes is consistent with the feet of consumers and is as comfortable as wearing socks.” Ding Zhizhong introduced his work goals.

Enthusiasm Charity Charity Returns National Society

Recently, on the fifth anniversary of the Quanzhou Charity Federation and the Hong Kong Quanzhou Charity Promotion Association, Ding Zhizhong represented Anta on the spot to donate 10 million yuan to set up a charitable charity fund.

Ding Zhizhong stated: "Anta, as a well-known national brand, must use various methods to reward the country's society, and Anta will also be obliged to contribute to others and to the community."

Anta, in particular, is a vulnerable group and has recently supported the disabled table tennis team in Fujian Province. At the charity dinner after the 2006 CBA All-Star Game, Anta shot nearly 80,000 yuan worth of All-Star items and became the biggest winner in this charity dinner.

In 2004, ANTA took the lead to donate 3 million yuan to the “CBA and I grow together” charity program. As the start-up fund for the project, ANTA established more than 150 ANTA CBA Hope Sports Rooms in 15 provinces, regions and cities across the country. Anta CBA hopes to have a library; in the summer of 2005, when Anta learned that hundreds of impoverished candidates were unable to go to college due to the typhoon, they immediately donated RMB 1 million to Fujian Province Hope Project to help these candidates enter the university campus smoothly; 2006 In 2001, Anta donated 1 million yuan to impoverished college students at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. So far, Anta has invested 350 million yuan in funds and materials for China's sports, cultural and social public welfare undertakings. Ding Zhizhong has also been awarded the title of "philanthropist" and "love ambassador" in charity events.

From sponsorship to promote the national fitness, create the most suitable equipment for the Chinese people

Since the first initiative to fund the 67th World Men's Weightlifting Championships in 1995, Ding Zhizhong has led Anta to fully sponsor China's sports industry and has supported Beijing's bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games and the Asian Games, the National University Games, the National College Basketball League, and China. Basketball league and other events.

At the beginning of 2005, the "Anta Cup Southeast Morning Post" Cup Basketball League was jointly organized by the Quanzhou City National Fitness Leading Group and the Quanzhou Evening News in Fujian. Anta has exclusively named this regional event. In the one-month competition, a total of more than 200 amateur players were recruited, and more than 10,000 citizens watched and participated in the competition.

When ANTA started, coincided with the rise of the upsurge of China's national fitness campaign, Ding Zhizhong took the initiative to integrate the development of the brand and the enterprise with this theme and made every effort to create the most suitable equipment for the national fitness campaign.

After the baptism of fighting SARS in 2003, the national fitness movement set off another wave. Ding Zhizhong spared no efforts to promote the development of national fitness. "The upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is not just a competition for competitive sports, but also a grand gathering for national fitness and national sports, and it will certainly provide a good opportunity for the further development of China's national fitness campaign," said Ding Zhizhong.

The Olympic Games is not only an arena for athletes, but also a battlefield for all kinds of sports brands. "We want the Olympic Games to allow everybody who loves sports and participates in fitness to further understand and accept Anta, so that Anta can get more people's choices." And love.” Ding Zhizhong stated the goal of Anta at the Olympic Games.

Enterprises will always only start their own businesses and go out of the country to open up new battlefields

"In the face of economic globalization, enterprises will always have only entrepreneurship and no business. If they can't take the initiative to go outside and open up the 'second battlefield' and quickly improve their international competitiveness, they will not be able to maintain the Chinese market." Ding Zhizhong maintains a competitive mentality at any time. He even did a good job of such a plan. "In the internationalization of the brand, our overall plan is to use the opportunity of the Beijing Olympic Games after 2008 to gradually promote the Anta brand to the world and then after several years of time. Efforts to build Anta into an international brand.” He repeatedly warned his colleagues: “China can not only meet the status of a big manufacturing country, but should develop to a higher goal. When “Made in China” becomes “China When we create, we can take a place in the rivalry of rival international sports goods."

Under the careful management of Ding Zhizhong, ANTA sports shoes have become one of the most popular sports shoes among the Chinese people. ANTA has also begun to gradually break down the monopoly of international brands on the Chinese sportswear industry for a long period of time, with a comprehensive market share of 9.4%. The rate of stability in the domestic tourism sports shoes market share of the first, and occupied a considerable part of the overseas market.

In 2001, after an in-depth investigation and analysis of domestic sports shoes sales model and market, Anta resolutely made a bold move: to promote brand stores. This model has got rid of ANTA's reliance on shopping malls. From then on, ANTA has rolled out its sales network throughout the cities across the country and established a direct-run system. So far, Anta has nearly 4,000 stores all over the country and has expanded to Singapore, Greece, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and other places.

“Building a national brand, we face the wind, and the flag of China's national sports brand comes from us. NIKE spent 27 years creating a splendid annual sales of US$10 billion, and Anta's goal is to use 27 years. Achieved sales of 20 billion yuan a year, said Ding Zhizhong.