ASOBIO becomes the most desirable modern lifestyle fast fashion brand

ASOBIO [a'səubju:], the word is a compound word from Italian and Japanese, ASOBI: meaning of LOHAS, BIO: natural meaning, representing change, fashion and dynamic. The Chinese name is Ao Si, which evolved from English pronunciation. The brand logo is composed of a set of simple letters and a triangle symbol. It contains the connotation of simple and stylish brand. The triangle symbolizes click-to-play, delivering the spirit of innovation and trend-setting.

The brand introduces the international trend fast fashion brand - ASOBIO ([a's əubju:]), always upholding the brand concept of luxury value enjoyment at a popular price. Since its inception, ASOBIO has used “Change” as a brand's unique culture, always with the trend, grasping the cutting edge of fashion, and using diversification and forward-looking design to predict and lead the changes. ASOBIO is committed to providing diversified choices for people who are sensitive to fashion and keep chasing them. Since its development in the Chinese market, ASOBIO has met the needs of consumers in different dress situations with the core competitiveness of “fashionable, versatile, high-quality, and affordable” brands, interpreting ASOBIO, a life-enriching, and continuously aggressive, with changing charisma. Fashion advocates.

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