Biba women's quality Oriental feminine charm

Biba is a Hong Kong-based, uphold the Paris and Milan senior custom uniforms traditional high-end women's clothing brand . Classic and elegant style, permeated with European Baroque style, simple lines, excellent cutting, "fashion, simple, exquisite, elegant," created the Biba brand.


Biba's customer base is mainly modern women, mostly aged 25-45 years old, have a unique taste and demand for clothing; they wear Biba's clothing during the day or at night to participate in the banquet; Biba's new women are sensitive to clothing Tentacles, handy with clothing to participate in different occasions.

Biba女装 品质成就东方女性风韵

Biba understands the character of today's pretty women and the need for a wide range of clothing. In the selection of fabrics, cutting and workmanship, the constant pursuit of perfection, to meet the many distinguished Biba family. Unique design, with high-quality fabrics and excellent cutting process, the most beautiful lines of women fully embodied. Biba strives to provide today's fashion elements and fashion feel to bring customers the confidence and lifestyle of women in the new millennium.

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