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Diapers  Spandex

On basis of ensuring the resilience of spandex yarn, Aoshen R&D team improves Diapers Series products` softness by technical innovation and increase its creep resistance property after repeated optimization experiments. Endow spandex property of anti-microbial by adding specific auxiliary materials, all of these make the final products more comfortable, healthy and environmental-friendly. Aoshen Diapers Spandex mainly used for baby/adult diapers, baby/adult pull-ups, non-woven fabrics and medical bandages.

Diapers Spandex

Spandex For Diapers

[Technical Superiority]

1. With large tensile elasticity and weak resilience, our diapers series spandex feels comfortable and has no feeling of tight;

2. Products have better shape, and uniform tension;

3. Since the solvent residual rate is low, this series of spandex is environmental-friendly, nontoxic, healthful and hygienic and has passed international certification of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and REACH;

4. White, blue, pink yarn can be customized;

5. Specification range is from 490 Den to 840Den, roll weight range is between 1.5kg and 4.5 kg, which can be adjusted according to clients demands.








Baby / Adult Diapers

Baby / Adult Pull-ups

Non-woven Fabrics

Medical Bandages

Diapers Spandex

Spandex For Diapers

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Diapers Spandex

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