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BUSHAKA a Hong Kong-based fashion brand, European-style style as the main line. By the well-known European design company to provide popular information and planning programs, well-known designers from Hong Kong is responsible for the implementation.
product style:
BUSHAKA costumes will be European style and neutral temperament fully soft and create a different charm. Around the needs of modern urban women's life, the spirit of clothing and culture combine to establish a high-grade dressing concept, to create their own fashion concepts and personality advocates, the fashion, elegant, mature and simple to bring all elegant and beautiful women , While showing the European style of elegance, yet without losing the modern woman's personality and fashion. Like a goddess, shine the world.
Consumer positioning:
BUSHAKA suitable for 25 to 35 years old, the pursuit of quality of life, a confident, optimistic and positive attitude toward life, a stable income, good cultural accomplishment and quality of life, thinking and the pursuit of elegant fashion white-collar women.
About Us Hao Xuan Garment Co., Ltd. is a design, production and sales of professional women 's company, the company has been committed to the fashion, cheap clothing culture to many elegant women. After years of development and promotion of the brand, so far in the country with more than 600 stores, BUSHAKA brand always adhere to the classic, simple and comfortable advocate belong to the modern women fashion, elegant, self-confident healthy living philosophy, elegant style to meet the elegant European style But without losing the fashion sense of different levels of customers, coupled with cordial and attentive service to create a brand culture, bushaka and independent and confident urban women's heart together.

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