Congratulations banana baby children's clothing Shenzhen Haiya Department Store counters grand opening

Recently, the Shenzhen Haiya Banana Baby Kids Store counter grand opening, once again proved its ability to blossom everywhere in Shenzhen. Banana baby children's clothing shop Warm store design and characteristics of children's clothing combined with Haiya Department Store "people-oriented" shopping philosophy, I believe will give consumers a pleasant surprise and perfect experience. Below, let us go into Banana Baby Kids Haiya shop. Banana baby new store opening relatively fresh store with colored balloons, so more attractive to children's attention, very style display section, the new autumn market, so many mothers can not wait to want to baby stockpile, so wardrobe A new look. BANANA BABY banana baby's overall store highlights the grade, the new magnificent display on the window, one glance to feel very fresh, people feel very comfortable, autumn and winter seasons, but also let the baby to enjoy the fashion of the christening, fashion dress from now on.

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