Congratulations Dai Bing underwear Jan. 29 and Hubei Hanchuan successful customer contract


Congratulations Dai Bing underwear Jan. 29 and Hubei Hanchuan shop customer success signing! Korean tide lingerie shop stationed in Hanchuan, Hubei Province, the local young women and friends sent to the fashion and health. Thanks to the franchisee for their support and trust, I wish you a very early opening! Dai Qi underwear, in recent years quickly occupied the Chinese market, continue to convey the gospel of fashion.


Hubei Hanchuan customers not only online understanding of Dai Dai underwear culture, history and reputation, but also visited the field inspected Dai Qi underwear in some areas more than franchise stores. The direct sales and franchisee operations and management have a general understanding. This signing is also after careful consideration and field verification. Thank you for your support. The opening to promote the development of Dai Qi underwear laid a good foundation.

Daiqi brand underwear with natural health fabrics and innovative fashion style has a good reputation and high audience rate. 2015, I believe Dai Qi underwear will be more and more likeable.

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