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Girl doll underwear can be formed by one-piece thin sponge coaster, full cup design, effectively support the breast, protect the breast from the outside world; under the tight tight, will not produce Le marks and discomfort; elastic fabric, comfortable breathable, color Elegant and warm, suitable for sports wear. Is the girl's intimate friend!


可娃衣少女内衣  少女的贴心知己

Underwear, girls' underwear, mother and daughter underwear, toys, accessories, stationery, magazines, fashion accessories, "Doll clothing" girls underwear professional website, electronic mall and so on series of cultural products, its rich product mix and excellent quality make it popular among girls.

The natural silk belongs to protein fiber which contains 18 kinds amino acids which are healthy to human body, capable of helping the skin to keep the metabolism of surface paniculus adiposus, enabling to keep the skin moist and smooth. To dress in silk clothes can not only prevent from the ultraviolet radiation, resist harmful microorganisms, but also strengthen the vitality of the surface skin cells and offer good adjutant therapy to some skin diseases. In addition, it has the effect to adjust body temperature and moisture due to its special moisture absorption and air permeability. And all these advantages make the silk garment be one of the requisite summer wears.

In compliance with the textile tradition of Italian Fancy Yarn spinning, Top Line reintroduces the the natural silk as a traditional element, into several new styles of yarn spring and summer garment and launches the products made of Natural Silk Yarn, silk /Linen Yarn and silk /Cotton Yarn. Silk yarn product in Top Line is different with traditional spun Mulberry Silk Yarn in its special style and quality. 

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