Feet ladies hard to buy shoes

Because the feet are too small, no suitable high heels worn by adults can be found everywhere. A few days ago, Ms. Zhou, desperately annoyed, entered the Evening News hotline for help.

According to Ms. Zhou’s introduction, her feet were extremely small and she could only wear a 32-yard shoe, and she couldn’t get enough shoes for Chongqing City.

Customized it, do the shoe master said that the minimum adult shoes can only do 34 yards, such as to order 32 yards of shoes, to spend money to customize a pair of shoes, the cost is too high. Frustration, the 40-year-old week can only wear children's shoes or cloth shoes for the elderly. "Sometimes lucky, the boss who sells shoes to help buy a few pairs of suitable shoes, but can not pick the style." Seeing people wearing a variety of high heels, Zhou Yi Mu endless. Summer is coming, and having a pair of beautiful high-heeled sandals is the biggest wish of the week.

In this regard, Chaotianmen and Qixinggang specialize in custom-made leather shoes. They really cannot customize such small-size adult shoes, but some large shoe manufacturers can customize it. Subsequently, the reporter accompanied Ms. Zhou came to Chongqing Mingyue leather shoes store, the store responsible person said that Ms. Zhou can choose their favorite sandals style in the store, they are back to the factory for her custom, and no longer increase any costs. Afterwards, if necessary, Ms. Zhou can go to the shop to order.
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