FULLTEAM2015 autumn and winter new stitching fashion

FULLTEAM loyal fans must have noticed a phenomenon, that is, every season, FULLTEAM will use a large number of splicing elements to redefine deconstruction and reconstructionism, emphasizing the extreme contrast of the United States, the bold illusion was presented in real terms , While stimulating the visual fashion more full of imagination.


Symmetrical splicing has a geometric rigor, H-shaped outline obscurant meat great.

FULLTEAM2015秋冬新款 拼接的时尚

Follow the same series with a suede dress, is characterized by irregular random tailoring plus stitching design, highlighting the personality, the small hem reveal the casual sexy.

FULLTEAM2015秋冬新款 拼接的时尚

The convergence of different materials, showing three-dimensional effect of multi-dimensional, contrasting texture of patchwork, there are artistic stitching, people love unable to stop.

FULLTEAM2015秋冬新款 拼接的时尚

The crisp exterior lines recreate the building's wind. The sleeves are designed like armor. They embody the strong, modern women's stitching on the hem, but they also break the overall sense of toughness and trim the drapery of the lattice lines into a graceful feminine form.

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