Golf beauty, the United States in the happy, the United States in the fashion-SVG Cup Jordan fourth invitational tournament

They have beautiful working people, business owners, and club members. Their youthful and beautiful, healthy and natural, lively yet dignified, stylish yet elegant, fully represents the beautiful image of China Women's Golf Club.


Away from the unprofitable entertainment, indifferent to the desire of the material pursuit of cross-flow. After the ball hit a ball to eat a scoop (often a bowl of noodles and a glass of beer), its joyous, the ball friends are playing straight and strong, eyes bright, calm, generally have ten years of age, golf Must leave a trace in her life. Irresistible magic, ubiquitous passion; freedom, personality, highlighting its style, challenge, creation, fearless casting its spirit, youthful dreams with free melody against the wind flying, which is - SVG Golf advocated: Confidence, Fashion, Happiness, Meet Meet!


Nov. 5 Shanghai Link Golf Club ushered in the SVG still Cup fourth golf tournament. In this quiet, harmonious, unique season, in the early winter warm sunshine, SVG Cup is about to gorgeous with your swing, waved the future!


Ten years ago, when I first picked up the club, my heart was full of joy. Has long been a variety of sports activities and say goodbye, but do not want to encounter golf, how not surprising, longing! Since then, bid farewell to exhausted and sweat, and friends and family wandering in the mountains and rivers, in the poetic and imaginative swing, this picture is like a lighthouse on the high light of hope, I firmly believe that will guide all the way to the glory of my life Lit up


"Fashion Golf", "No fashion is not golf," "Beautiful Fashion Golf", it is SVG still Cup Golf Tournament unique charm!


As a venue for this event, Link is a standard 18-hole championship golf course with a unique English-style clubhouse, delightful beachside atmosphere and tranquil country club atmosphere. Overlooking the vast blue sky, green sea, meandering fairways, ecological vegetation, your graceful swing, free kick court, experience the perfect combination of nature and golf.


The contestants are all golfers from all over the country who are "energetic, fashionable and elegant". They not only have superb skills, but also love the fashion and bright sunshine, bringing endless enjoyment and happiness to their life and career.

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