How much do you know about jade?

The ink is black, the green is green, the dark green is black, and the black is green, but not the jade, black agate, black black stone, they are different jade. There are not many people who know about Black Cui, and the products in the market are also lost. In the jade culture of China in 00 to 600 years, it has become the crown of jade, except for its crystal clear texture, more important. It is popular with people for its rich and magnificent, rich and connotative colors. Its main colors are red dragonfly, green jade, violet, others are white and black, white is called white dry green, black is ink green. White dry green is very ordinary because of colorless, but the real ink is rare and precious.

To evaluate the quality of the quality of the ink, we must also observe the five aspects of species, water, color, carving, work and sputum. The good ink must be delicate in texture, compact in structure, uniform, and good in transparency. Ink, but it is green, there are no obvious defects and defects, the work must be carefully carved, the content is auspicious, such a dark green should be said to be a good art. Among the jade family, Mo Cui is also a rare species, and is also a rare collection.

As a precious and rare natural resource, Moyu is rich in color, fine in texture, black in color, clean and lovely. It is regarded as a cure for knives and knives. The ancients used it with diamonds, gems and colored stones. Also known as "Guimei Stone."

a glass of jade jade raw materials

The glass type jade jade is derived from the old pit jade stone. The old pit jade raw material is very rare in the production area, accounting for less than 1% of the mine jade raw material output; the gambling stone is the gambling jade planting water and the gambling emerald green, and the old pit Emerald rough stones often have leather shells, and their original stones are also more gambling. In recent years, such raw stones in the raw material market, whether in the country of origin or in China, most of them need to be auctioned, so the old pit jade The original stone is quite rare.

Two kinds of jadeite jade

The glass species is the best jade species in the jade jade species, that is, the treasures; the grades are ice, egg white, silk, lychee, bean, etc., and the transparency is translucent to slightly transparent.

Three kinds of glass, jade jade, "planting water"

The most characteristic of the glass type jade jade is the highest transparency, almost full transparency, containing less inclusions, that is, less impurities, crystal clear; the industry said that the glass species are "the oldest", "the head is the most adequate"; "Water head" is divided into "one to very water"; therefore, the glass type jade jade is precious.

Grade of four glass species jade jade

The jadeite that reaches the glass species is relatively rare; it is more precious if it is floating; if it is more green, even full of green, and green and green, it is extremely precious and reaches the best of jade.

Auction record of five glass species jade jade

In the auction records of the past years, it has been shown that the finished product of jade jade, which is full of green glass, has a transaction price of several million yuan, and the price of a finger-sized ring is up to 10 million yuan, and the price of one bracelet is up to one. A thousand nine million yuan, a string of beads sold for 80 million yuan, and so on. . .

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