How the second development of a woman's chest on the underwear to make the second development of the chest

Small show small classroom come ~ ~ election on the underwear , so that the second development of the chest

Watching them, you are not, always envy others have a plump curve, looking at their own only plain? Always admire others even if not so plump, but also to show their most beautiful side? That is because, you do not wear underwear, the following five tips to help you!

First, you have to go to the well-known brand stores or counters

Well-known brand stores often have a professional shopping guide lady, can give you some suggestions for selection.

Second, we must correctly measure their current size

Body curves will change with age, weight, etc., so every time you buy again to measure again, so as to select the most appropriate underwear.

Third, do not be afraid to talk to professionals about your needs because of shyness

When shopping to generously tell Miss shopping guide, your own requirements, the desired effect, so that the choice of underwear more to make you satisfied.

Fourth, you have to understand the type of clothes they often wear

Underwear not only for their stature, you want to have the most beautiful body, but also with a different coat, combined with the season, so that it is better to reflect the taste and training of the wearer.

Five, you have to try on until satisfied

Do not wear it for fear of trouble, have a destination try on, do not be afraid of trouble

If you can do those little tips, you can make your little chest also emit a great charm, so that others can envy you!


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