How to maintain amber

Amber, known as the "lightest" jewel in the world, has low hardness, is not resistant to high temperatures, and is afraid of direct sunlight. These features make amber maintenance difficult. The following 15 guidelines collected by China Jewelry Merchants Network Xiaobian hope to help everyone in the daily maintenance of amber.

1. Natural amber jewelry is afraid of high temperature. Do not leave it in the sun for a long time or at the side of the stove. It is too dry and cracks. Try to avoid strong fluctuations in temperature.

2. Although amber is soaked in seawater for thousands of years, natural amber is afraid of strong acid and alkali.

3. Try not to use alcohol, gasoline, kerosene and organic solutions such as nail polish, perfume, hair gel, and insecticide containing alcohol. It is best to remove the amber jewelry when spraying perfume and hair spray.

4. Amber has strong water absorption and it is not easy to soak in water for too long. If you sweat a lot in summer, try to dry it with a crepe after wearing it.

5. Amber has a low hardness, which is afraid of being broken and bumped. The friction with the hard object will make the surface become rough and produce fine lines. Wear is to avoid the hardness of 10 high with amber jewelry, such as crystal stone.

6. Do not use a brush or toothbrush to clean the amber with a hard object.

7. Do not use supersonic jewelry to clean the amber, which may wash the amber.


8. Amber jewellery should be stored separately, not with diamonds, other sharp or hard jewellery.

9. Silver-plated jewelry should not be worn for a long time. It should be sealed with a small sealed plastic bag for individual storage.

10. When amber is stained with dust and sweat, it can be inoculated into warm water with neutral detergent, rinsed with hand rubs, and then soft cloth (such as glasses cloth, silk, cotton cloth) Wipe clean, and finally add a small amount of olive oil or tea oil to the light amber surface, and then remove the excess oil with a cloth to restore the luster.

11. Use a warm toothpaste without frosted particles to remove the amber and use it with caution.

12. Use a colorless sealant or a special jewellery gel to repair the cracked amber. Do not use 501 glue.

13. In the absence of a polishing agent, it is possible to use a cotton cloth with a whitening-free tooth powder mixed with a wax oil to glaze, and to rub the mixture back and forth with heat.

14. Wipe the cotton cloth (glass cloth) to restore the amber luster to some extent.

15. The best maintenance is long-term wear, and the body oil can be brighter with amber.

The above 15 guidelines are timely and briefed to introduce to friends today, to learn more about amber, please pay attention to China Jewelry Merchants Network.

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