INSUN Enshang Women's 2015 Winter Outfit Apparel Match Trend

Pass a blessing in red, pass a temperature, pass positive energy and create a happy mood. With red, white and black as the main colors, the concept of a new saturated color is created to create a low-key and simple beauty of INSUN. The series combines high-quality fabrics with business and everyday dress styles to create a new modern discourse for 2015 autumn and winter cities.

European imports of tweed fabrics, like graffiti-like distribution at the end of beige? 壬 哂 哂 哂 哂 陡 の の steep school? テ 丶壑 丶壑 丶壑 丶壑 崃扛惺媸 崃扛惺媸 崃扛惺媸 崃扛惺媸 崃扛惺媸 崃扛惺媸 谎 谎 谎 谎 谎 谎 谎 谎 崃扛惺媸 崃扛惺媸 崃扛惺媸

INSUN Enshang Women's 2015 Winter Outfit Apparel Match Trend

Everyday fashion

Interesting European doodle woolen tweed coat with mid-length wrap-around skirt. The detail of the skirt highlights the design and gives new ideas. It is suitable for daily and casual occasions to create the focus of fashion street shooting. With classic pencil pants, stretches Body proportions.

European imports of black / light double-sided it, high wool content, comfort does not pressure, very warm. Through meticulous hand-stitching, the entire garment does not expose any stitches and burrs, and its craftsmanship determines that each double-faced coat is unique.

INSUN Enshang Women's 2015 Winter Outfit Apparel Match Trend

Workplace · Skilled

DNA business box shape, with the season's most popular wide pants, suitable for wear in the workplace, highlighting the fashion, capable professional women's temperament.

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