Jade, why should I buy you! ?

Many auctions in the year, the most important purpose is the sale of jadeites, a necklace of more than 70 million Hong Kong dollars, a ring of more than 4 million Hong Kong dollars, a bracelet of more than 10 million yuan ... in the people competing to buy high-end jade,

While collecting high-end jade, there are quite a lot of Westerners who sigh, and there are quite a lot of jade people who are amazed, jade is getting more and more expensive, and good jade is getting less and less.


Why is the collection of high-end jadeite more valuable than other precious jewels?

It depends on the uniqueness of the jade:

First, the color is colorful

There are white, purple, green, yellow, red, black, etc., of which the green barbarization is the biggest.

The perfect high-green, with a beautiful design, the most loved by the Chinese, the emerald green is not only high-grade emerald, no green color of a gem can be compared with it. The bright green color is in line with the Chinese aesthetic taste and cultural psychology. The change of color of jade provides a great choice for those who collect jade.

Second, the germplasm is endless, and jade is a collection of polycrystalline cryptocrystals.

People appreciate the warmth that is unique to it. Since each piece of jadeite has different crystal thicknesses, different crystal forms and different bonding modes, the transparency is also greatly different. This constitutes a variety of germplasm, some are as clear as water, some are as transparent as ice, and some are as dense as porcelain... With a variety of colors, the variety of emeralds is dazzling.


Third, you can't ask for it.

Many gemstones are single crystals, such as diamonds, red sapphires, etc. They are more uniform in color and transparency, making it easier to find the same pair, or more. It is very difficult to find the exact same jade. Innocent diamonds, red treasures, sapphire, as long as you want to buy, are easy to find, and innocent jade is hard to find. When you see your favorite jade, you should buy it as much as you can, or you will regret more and more things. The jade you want to buy will be less and less.

Fourth, there is no uniform pricing in the world.

Almost all gems can be quoted by weight. Only Jadeite does not have a uniform quotation. Because the germplasm of jadeite varies greatly, each one and every piece is different. It depends on people's understanding and eyesight of jade. This has caused jade to be more stimulating in investment. Spend hundreds of thousands to buy a jade, the potential value may be tens of millions!

5. Jade has its unique physical properties.

Its bearing pressure is much larger than that of diamonds, it has better toughness and high heat resistance. This makes the wearing of jade jewelry not easy to damage.


Sixth, there are fewer and fewer good greens.

There are five places in the world where jade is produced, and only one place in Myanmar can reach the gem level. Due to the extremely complex geological conditions that form high-grade jade, it is almost impossible to find a better place to produce than Myanmar. No one in the world can control the production and sales of jade, and the price of jade has increased several times, even dozens of times, in the past ten years. No gem has such a good investment prospect. The main reason for the jade market is that there are fewer and fewer good greens. A good jade ring can sell 5 million yuan

Collection of jade benefits

People love jade, and jadeite has different purposes. For most Chinese people, both men, women and children like jade. This is because of the benefits of buying and collecting jade

There are too many.

First, the investment preserves value.

As an investment preservation function, jadeite has higher investment value than any gemstone and has a faster value-added. Judging from the records of international auction houses, the auction price of good jade is getting higher and higher. Good jade production is low, more and more people need jade, supply and demand will be more tense, and prices will continue to climb.

Second, decorate yourself, both beautiful and valuable.

It is a human nature to sway the beauty of the family. Wearing jewelry can not only achieve the purpose of decorating oneself and adding beauty, but also a symbol of artistic expression and identity. As someone has said, jewelry worn by a person can express a person's taste and personal identity. Women wearing beautiful and noble clothes wear jewelry. Jade ornaments are indispensable jewelry for Chinese people, so people with certain economic conditions will definitely buy jade jewelry to decorate themselves and express themselves. The jade jewellery used to decorate oneself depends on your own economic conditions when buying. If you buy jade, you can balance your beautification and preservation.


Third, buy jade to express feelings .

Buying jade to give people is the best gift, because it has a commemorative significance, especially the Chinese have a special feeling for jade, and jade is completely sympathetic. Wenfu bought his wife,

When the wife bought her husband, she said something about her heart. A doctor, let me find a pair of the same jade chicken heart, he said that one wears himself, another piece of the same size, the same germplasm for the wife, can be said to be heart-to-heart. Children buy parents, often buy peach-shaped jade, and hope parents live longer. Parents buy children, some parents think that children are too naughty, need to wear jade, buy Buddha public jade to children; some are a pair of children to study abroad, bought a pair of emeralds wearing. I think that the parents think that if they are just cards, they can let their children remember their parents' "discipline" and encourage themselves to be as resilient as jade to study science. Give a friend a wedding gift, you can buy some meanings in pairs, long-lasting meaning, more popular.

Fourth, Tibetan jade play jade, cultivated sentiment.

Chinese people have the habit of wearing jade, playing jade, and hiding jade. Especially men have the habit of collecting jade. People who collect jadeites don’t have to wear them on their own, but often take them out and enjoy them. People who collect jade have different preferences, some specialize in collecting carved pieces, and love the meaning of carving; some like to collect antique jade; some specialize in collecting good jade; some specialize in collecting three-color jade; Some specialize in collecting some colors of jade. For example: I have a friend who specializes in collecting yellow jade, and I especially prefer to collect purple jade. Anyone who sees a good purple jade can’t be bought like a drunk. Many people collect jade without thinking about how to use it, and whether it is sold as a commodity to make money. Some people do not consider selling again. It can be said that "there is money to buy love." The purpose of the collection is to appreciate it for yourself, to be happy for yourself, to appreciate as a work of art. Of course, some people collect the purpose of having a commercial component. It can satisfy both the purpose of appreciation and the purpose of investment in order to make a profit. It takes a lot of thought to consider which jadeite will sell for a better price in the future.

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