Jiangsu Jiangyin Textile Exports Increase Significantly for Three Consecutive Years

When the global economy was generally in a downturn, textile exports from Jiangyin City in Jiangsu Province had achieved substantial growth for three consecutive years. According to statistics from the Jiangyin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in 2011, a total of 38,829 batches of textiles submitted for inspection were 150.25556 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 55.5% and 78.7%, respectively, over the same period of 2010. The accumulated growth for the three years was 65.1% and 115%, respectively.

After decades of development, textile and garment industry clusters represented by star companies such as Jiangsu Sunshine Group and Haishu Group have formed in Jiangyin region. The global financial crisis has made less competitive enterprises withdraw from the market, and the surviving enterprises have the ability to resist risks. And brand competitiveness has been significantly enhanced. Faced with the situation of Southeast Asian countries gradually eroding orders in recent years, Jiangyin's textile manufacturing enterprises have actively responded to measures such as safety, health, and environmental indicators by adopting adjustments to product structure, strengthening brand building, and increasing value-added products. In addition, with the deepening of the financial crisis, the purchasing power of foreign consumers has declined, providing conditions for the rapid and inexpensive expansion of Jiangyin textiles.

In recent years, Jiangyin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has actively provided suggestions for the development of Jiangyin textile enterprises. Including the setting up of an office in the town of Zhuyin, Jiangyin, where textile companies gather, to speed up the construction of a monitoring and demonstration area for textile and garment industry gathering in Jiangsu Province; to try out a new model of inspection and supervision of “risk assessment + classification management (inspection supervision) + testing support”. Quasi-acquisition, rapid inspection, and inspection have made "a breakthrough," and put forward "taking a high risk and lowering risk, grasping new products, releasing old products, and grasping poor enterprises to make enterprises good; playing the role of third-party inspection, appraisal and certification bodies." , play the role of the laboratory and give play to the role of quality supervisors as the main content of the inspection and supervision methods, which not only strengthens the sense of responsibility of the main body of product quality of the production enterprises, but also ensures that the export products can be managed and released quickly and effectively. The healthy development of Jiangyin textile industry.

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