JORY Aweekend Zhuo Ya weekend 2015 spring women's clothing

JORYAweekend makes it easy to wear clothing and pursue a comfortable and casual way. The fabrics are used to present soft, breathable and comfortable feelings. The changing outfits break the traditional restraint and show the definition of the sense of the times and the concept of leisure.

The second series of 2015 spring clothing, adding bright colors, material splicing and other details will greatly increase the literary nature. The styling of fashion colors, the large fluffy silhouette, the lazy yet charming cut, plus the embellishments of the 70's sport elements, and the embroidered embroidery are all echoes of the overall styling. The casual feeling of retro feeling creates women's self-appealing clothing.

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Flannel ,Coral Fleece

Flannel Fabric,Coral Fleece Plaid,Coral Fleece Throw,Polyester Coral Fleece