Main performance characteristics of silk quilt

1), luster: pearl color, elegant and noble, soft and bright 2), hygroscopicity: silk has a strong hygroscopic ability. The moisture regain of mulberry silk can reach 8%-9%. The tussah silk is more than 10%. Because the cross-section of the tussah silk is relatively flat, the fiber partially expands, and the fiber expands due to moisture absorption, which changes the arrangement angle of the single fiber in the fiber bundle or textile. When the light is irradiated onto the fabric, it will form. The difference in reflection is a water mark.

3), strong stretch: the strength of silk is greater than wool and close to cotton. The elongation of silk is smaller than wool and larger than cotton. The elastic recovery of silk is also less than that of wool and better than cotton.

4), chemical stability: the resistance to alkali is even worse, when the alkali is puffed and hydrolyzed. The salt tolerance of silk is also poor, and neutral salts are generally easily absorbed by silk, making the silk embrittled.

5) Optical properties: Silk has poor light resistance. Irradiation of ultraviolet light oxidatively cleaves residues of tyrosine and tryptophan in silk fibroin. Silk is brittle and pan-colored, and its strength is reduced.

6), thermal properties: silk is resistant to dry heat and can withstand 100~176; C high temperature for a long time. Silk is also a poor conductor of heat, and its thermal conductivity is lower than that of cotton.

7) Density: The density of silk is relatively small.

8), silk: The dry silk rubs or rubs when it emits a distinctive clear and weak sound.

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