NaWain Na Wen 2015 winter new listing of elegant ash series

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How to dress up to give him a small surprise when you date it? We may wish to start from the sweet and romantic pink gray Yi Yi, light and noble material, warm wrapped in tacit love, spread in every corner of the winter snow; a lot of gray-gray fashion show us the soft and Fashion sweet trend, Xiao Bian today for you "satisfied powder" recommended several sets of clothing to wear, so elegant powder gray winter dress for your tender feelings!

NaWain纳纹2015冬装新品上市 典雅粉灰系列

1, A-type design sense down

Continuation of the classic A-shaped profile, the long section of the design, natural and generous solid color, collar collar design, so slightly exudes a unique neck temperament charm.

NaWain纳纹2015冬装新品上市 典雅粉灰系列

2, high-quality material expected coat

Very strong silhouette of the coat, take the stylish striped turtleneck sweaters, the overall level of enrichment, but also played a great effect of age reduction, fashion sense double!

NaWain纳纹2015冬装新品上市 典雅粉灰系列

3, mixed-color yarn-dyed Checked coat

Scottish beige plaid coat, the new check fabric with exquisite version of the overall style of fashion clothes retro without losing the sense of warmth; neat lines show a modern and cool city style; fashion show and Street beat people The most IN single product!

NaWain纳纹2015冬装新品上市 典雅粉灰系列

4, long fashion down

The trend of the extension section down, sophisticated technology and sophisticated version of the perfect combination of self-cultivation, fashion, warmth not wrong, chic and generous, hit color fur collar embellishment to break boring, dull, grand without cumbersome, out of color extreme!

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