North and South new stores to create success - Warm congratulations to the urban woman heart Hokkien spring more and more stores, Guangzhou Dolomites Ishii shop grand opening

It has been said that the end of the underwear industry is the off-season.

Urban woman heart clearly Say no!

In November, the heart of urban women's new store are still mushroomed in general have opened!

A few days ago, following the opening of a new store in Yiyang, Hunan Province, which broke the record of supermarkets and stores, Hubei Hunchun Trust-Mart and Guangzhou Dolomite Xidian Branch continued their efforts to create success in the south and north. Hunchun in Hunan even shocked the good news with a price of 12,000 yuan, congratulations!


(Guangzhou Dolomite Jingxi shop waiting to be opened Kyrgyzstan Ji)


(Good and bad mall coincides with the new opening, regardless of the venue Hubei Hubei are festive it off!

When the auspicious time arrives, the double store opens, ushered in a batch of waiting customers for a long time to come and buy immediately. The enthusiasm of on-site customers is enthusiastic. The shopping guide's patience and cordiality are interweaved into the most beautiful opening Xinglong map.


(Beautiful fashion store, opened immediately attracted a large group of beauty people come)

Urban women every new store is a smart reflection of the heart, why do you say? Careful attention to our site photos, together to find surprises!


Hubei Hunchun store is located in the store was opened during the opening, the entire mall has laid the opening of the good news, our new store from the paste to the board are echoes the opening theme, creating the entire mall are for our new store congratulation feel!

See these Mengbao suddenly feel the heart melted too! These Meng Meng da gifts placed in our Guangzhou dolomite Ishii shop outside it! To see so many gifts, who can not heart it?


So affordable affordable underwear, buy full will give gifts, no wonder so many people are rushing to buy buy it!

Urban woman heart, dedicated to each of the clever thoughts sent to the hands of every customer, with our warmth you, accompany every spring, summer, autumn and winter. Hubei Hunchun willing to shop, Guangzhou dolomite Ishii shop in the future success record higher!

Want to join us, co-management of this beautiful cause?

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