Printing and dyeing industry will have stricter emission standards

Printing and dyeing industry will have stricter emission standards Liu Zhiquan, deputy director of the Department of Science and Technology Standards Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, revealed at the first “International Forum for Water Industry Development in Yixing, China” that the textile printing and dyeing industry will issue four standards next year, which will impose higher requirements on wastewater discharge and pollution prevention. The textile printing and dyeing industry is the earliest development in China, and it is also a traditional pillar industry with international competitive advantages. However, this industry is also a big energy consumer, a big user of water, and a big polluter. Its energy consumption accounts for 4.4% of the country's total industrial output, and water consumption accounts for 8.5%. Pollution emissions are also among the top five in the industrial sector and have been listed as a key pollution industry in China. In recent years, the state has become increasingly demanding for energy-saving and emission-reduction in the industry. It has issued the "12th Five-Year Plan for Comprehensive Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Work Programs," "Industrial Access Conditions for Printing and Dyeing Industry," and "Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Textile Industry." "Science and Technology Progress Outline" and other documents clearly require the textile printing and dyeing industry to develop circular economy, energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the upgrading of the industry. According to industry insiders, according to recent trends in the emission standards of paper, steel, thermal power, and other industries, they will move closer to and surpass the standards of Europe and the United States, and new standards in the printing and dyeing industry will be further tightened, which will have a huge impact on the industry.


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