Public relations small gifts should not be expensive

[China Gift Network News] Small gifts, as long as they are used properly, can prepare for your various business activities. Chinese people are always afraid of owing to others. Even if they have small gifts, the people who receive the gifts will always feel that they will benefit from no reason, and they will pay a little more. So as long as you accept the gift, you will have more affection for the gift giver. Unless special circumstances, the choice of general business gifts should follow the principle of being unsuitable.

In foreign countries, marketing personnel often use small gifts to contact their feelings with customers, and it is also common to use media to deepen the customer's impression of themselves.

Exquisite gifts can enhance the company's image; on the contrary, not enough gifts, not only can not give customers the feeling of "accepted benefits", and even counterproductive. For example, at an exhibition, two exhibitors who produced the same products chose to attract customers' attention with small gifts. One of the manufacturers sent ordinary plastic coffee cups, while another manufacturer prepared a finely crafted porcelain coffee cup. The same is to send a coffee cup, the former manufacturer has dropped the "small gas" evaluation.

The small gifts given to the customers are best able to reflect the products sold, so that not only the recipients are benefited, but also the gift givers achieve the purpose of connecting emotions and enhancing the impression of the products. For example, buy a house to send a high-grade carved copper door buckle, buy a car to send a fender, set a year-round magazine to send a set of exquisite books. In the case of bargaining, these gifts are sent out in a "difficult way", but the price has not changed, but the recipients feel that they are taking advantage of it.

All in all, it is the focus of giving gifts and gifts. When you are in the case of a small transaction, but you send customers expensive gifts such as gold pens and gold watches, the recipients will inevitably have the doubt that “the wool is on the sheep” and “you are bribing me”. Keep in mind that our gift is designed to tell the recipient “You are very important to us, I hope you can remember me”, and use this as a starting point to give gifts, in order to grasp what to send, how to send. As long as your sincerity is expressed in the gift, the customer will treat your product and service differently.

When you find that the things you are going to send out are ordinary and you don't want it to be in the garbage, you have to start with the packaging. For example, when you send MP3 at the end of the year, you can use a red bag to wrap it in a large package with firecrackers, fortune cookies, etc., so that the recipient does not know the mystery before packing the layer. The final answer is revealed, and the recipient will naturally have fun outside of the expectation.

Don't think that expensive gifts can achieve the functions of attracting customers and deepening the impression; the key to the gift is whether it is sent to the recipient's heart. For example, a handwritten card feels more sincere than a printed card; and a hot showcase, a bottle of thirst quenching drink is clearly more intimate than a wool glove.

The timing of giving gifts is also worth exploring. Year-end and festival days are a good time to get used to giving gifts. But you have thought about it. If the person who receives the gift is the object of everyone's gift, will your gift pay special attention to it? There is a company that specifically avoids the peak season of the year-end gift, and chooses to give gifts in March after the spring. Although the small gifts given to customers are not worthwhile, the design is exquisite and still left a deep impression on the customers.

Giving a small gift, many people will enter such a misunderstanding: they only consider two questions, one is whether the gift is practical; the second is whether the cost is too high. They didn't think that instead of letting a gift that couldn't attract the recipient's interest, it would be better not to send it. It’s useless to leave it, but it’s a pity that such a thing will only make the recipient feel uncomfortable. Therefore, when designing a gift, you should first jump out of the gift giver's subjective position, change the position to the recipient's point of view, and carefully consider how the recipient's mood will be.

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