Red Dragonfly 2012-2013 autumn and winter series men's conference 3D huge offer

Recently, the red dragonfly fashion group's men's debut at the International Fashion Week. "LIFE IS A POEM" Red Dragonfly 2012-2013 autumn and winter men's series release, meaning Red Dragonfly Fashion Group "a multi-brand" development strategy to a new milestone. Night of the red dragonfly series autumn and winter men's show In 1995, the red dragonfly brand "We Live For The Best" and students. For 17 years, we have been devoted to respected the concept of free, original and integrated merchandise value. From the brand-new starting point of "Zero Span in 2005" to "The Perfect Transformation in 2010", Red Dragonfly Fashion Group, its "One Brand, Many Products" Shoe operations outside the men's, women's, leather goods, children's wear and other full range. "China's fashion industry brutal competition, but everywhere reflects the courage and perseverance of the dream." Red Dragonfly fashion group helmsman Qian Jinbo's profound and encouraging feelings. It is also such a courageous and persistent dreamer who tries to open another book of frozen ice and enlighten life. Frozen poetic "LIFE IS A POEM" - Red Dragonfly 2012/13 Winter Men's Conference, given a poetic interpretation of this one answer. Conference show floor, as a vast ice blanket, a huge book invites full of forgetting meditation, poetry and modern music mixed into Renaissance soft feelings. Black and white image of the feathers, stroking the old days of Florence, jumped in the time, the door of fashion silent, elegant and elegant poet in the romance, a Romantic poetic opening. Qian Jinbo presented Jia Nailiang red dragonfly high-end series rdf new The entire men's series by designer DANEIL FARET surgeon, inspired by the poet's temperament during the Renaissance Shakespeare. An exaggerated outline of the uninhibited but unfettered comfort, gentle romantic mix and match random romantic pursuit ... ... interpretation of a modern poet's new dress concept. The beginning of "Frozen Poetic" comes from the interpretation of the way of life. In the dream country, modern romance embodies a persistent and pursuit full of humanistic spirit. In the early spring of 2012, the international fashion industry, new technologies and new designs were all held together. The Red Dragonfly 2012/13 Winter Men's Press Conference opened Beijing International Fashion Week. It adopted the naked eye visual 3D technology to shoot the whole scene, Live.

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