Road Garner Men's Eastern and Western cultures perfect combination of fashion classic

In this era of rapid industrialization and brutal expansion, people are more attached to the expression of humanity, the pursuit of the display of taste and personality. NogaraDiry craftsmen based on the different needs of each distinguished customer, temperament, size, habits, with exquisite handmade craft customized clothing version, stitch, meticulously, to create an unparalleled personal experience so that clothing history of new, still fit And body. The perfect combination of classic Italian craftsmanship and modern technology embodies the omni-directional human needs of the NogaraDiry brand. In half a century of brand history, fabric innovation has always been the essence and soul of NogaraDiry. NogaraDiry has more than 180 luxury fabrics from the United Kingdom and Italy, rare cashmere, precious Merino, soft mohair, together with the "wishful" self-developed, leading global 500 yarn "wishful spinning" technology, organized Cashmere fabric thinner than the thinnest silk fabric, the fineness of the hair is closer to one-half, this first-of-its-kind technology for the NogaraDiry brand to create a luxurious, comfortable, sophisticated new height, from dominate . Lujana, adhering to the European style of leisure and life-oriented style, fish-like tailoring, needle-count sewing, the United States and the United States Hwan, emphasizing the body curve at the same time, interpretation of care and thoughtful, showing ten kinds of customs . Road Garner clothing - "intellectual man," a model of quantitative design, stitch, slightest. Calm, confident, elegant, wisdom, this is the design master hit the festival appreciated the elite image, Lujiaz Men is the perfect combination of Eastern and Western culture fashion classic!

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