"Shirt Control" Carnival - Genius shirt Cultural Festival detonated the city

From March 20, 2012 onwards, the first shirt culture festival with the theme of "I am a shirt control" will be held one after another across the country. By then, there will be a wave of fashion catching-up across the country. Spring is the season in which all kinds of shirt control are dispatched. The first Shirt Cultural Festival provides an opportunity for them to learn about shirt culture and learn about shirts and skills. During the event, Talented Men introduced a variety of shirt boutique, or fashion, or simple, no matter what style of shirt control are keen to find the favorite shirt. Talented men's collar embroidered shirt boutique Talented first shirt Cultural Festival started at the same time, a rich and massive offline theme promotional activities will be simultaneously kicked off in the country. Has become or is about to become shirt-control consumers, will find a suitable style of dress. It is understood that the T-shirt shirt under the theme of promotional activities will be carried out in various provinces and cities nationwide, the organizers based on the different needs of consumers around the development of such as low discounts, buy gifts, legislation and other forms of reduction activities. Shirt control in the taste of shirt culture and fashion at the same time, also received real benefits, so that the majority of consumers nationwide to participate in the genius fashion carnival activities. In this spring's shirt culture festival, the genius for shirt control is not only for the fanatical shirt, but also for embroidery embroidery culture, Chinese culture obsession. Tony Leung interpretation of the genius collar embroidered shirt Talking about the original intention of hosting the shirt festival, the witness relevant person in charge said that the shirt is a witty character, is its most competitive products. After 30 years of market tests, wit in the shirt field has never changed the status of the trump card, especially the characteristics of a single collar embroidered shirt, much consumers. In recent years, to dress to create a kind of dress-comfortable mentality, has become a lot of men's designer's design consensus. Combination of this design concept, rich ethnic customs of the embroidery and fashion concise mastery, a genius of the main design style. When people are obsessed with something emotion, it is inevitable in the purchase is particularly "critical". Therefore, the shirt control requirements shirt product style distinctive. Talented and unique single-product collar embroidery shirt is the Chinese characteristics such as embroidery process, elements into the shirt design, the talent shirt leading industry's culture, quality and technology presented to consumers. Through the promotion of shirt culture festival, wit not only needs to let consumers appreciate the uniqueness and charm of shirts, but also hopes to advocate a positive, optimistic and progressive attitude toward life so that this group will be more confident in work and life, And become the industry's elite. In order to cope with this activity, the genius will also make use of the website of the Talent's official website, weibo, forums and other network platforms to carry out the promotion and promotion of such topics as shirts and apparel etiquette. Combining with the featured products, Consumers to provide clothing fashion and taste of the wonderful experience. It is revealed that in the next few years, every year, the genius will launch a different theme of the festival of shirt, spread the shirt culture in China and is committed to creating the genius of Chinese national culture brand, leading the Chinese fashion trend.

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