Sneakers: bows and flat shoes make romance

The bow of romantic temperament, when this season should be shipped on women's shoes, there have been many surprising changes. Or choose different materials, or made into different shapes, and some still attach more accessories on the bow, no matter how the design changes, it is the most pure expectation of each pair of shoes in the heart of every woman.

Brown gives a solid impression, plus a white bow, a little more pure and elegant taste, people can not put it down.

The combination of dark purple and grey reveals a mature and dignified feeling and is recommended to you who walk in the workplace.

At the end of the winter, when I look forward to the vigor of spring, the vibrant green leaves people immediately feel that their feet are much lighter.

On the weekend, put on flat shoes and let your feet rest for 5 days.

Pointy shoes are easy to make people look old-fashioned, dotted with exaggerated bows, a little more playful personality elements, make you mature but not boring.

The matte leather fabric neutralizes the dark sensation of black, allowing you to reveal a gentle feminine touch.

Do you always remember the unfettered student era? For a pair of cute round flats, relax on the campus and find the innocent.

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