Sognikids Zhuowei Le children's clothing store in July, put together, bloom north and south

Zhuowei Le children Thanksgiving feedback, the official launch of the national million shop plans, Zhuo Wele children's clothing in the partners, franchisees maximum support, a total of win-win principle! Zhuowei Le children's clothing shop plan is to the whole country, throughout the century in full swing. Continued June new stores opened in China, including McKay in China, Ruijin Store in Zhangzhou, Mingfeng Store in Houjie, Weifang Store in Shandong, Luoyang Store, Zhoutie Town in Jiangsu, Tianhong Store in Hunan Loudi, Hualong Store in Xiangtan and Ningxiang Store in Hunan Province. . . . . . Continued grand opening. July is even more splendid, sowing this ripe seed of Zhuo Weile in all parts of the country. Radiation effect of each region up a great Shenzhen Nanshan Haiya shop, Xi'an Parkson shop, Panzhihua Parkson shop in Sichuan, Dongguan Wanda shop, Hubei Enshi ,,,,,, and so on, so colorful, flourishing. August will be more exciting ,,,,,! ! ! July 2013 Nanshan Store Opens July 2013 Xi'an Parkson Store Outlook 2013, we will seize the opportunities and actively respond to the challenges. We will always adhere to the environmental protection, comfortable and healthy version, sophisticated version, advanced technology and brand advantages and integrity, service , Responsibility, win-win brand philosophy, strive for a leading position in the industry.

 The Hotel Curtain Fabric has function of anti-mildew and anti-corrosion,95%~99% shading effect,lightproof,soft smooth touch,elegant texture, hanging well and handling easy.Our high-quality curtain fabrics are formaldehyde-free, smokeless and tasteless. Let customers have a safe ,green and healthy living environment and enjoy the beautiful touch of textiles;

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