Survey of the Yangtze River Delta: Imbalance in Employment of Textile Enterprises

After a year of recruiting for a month, Manager Wu of the clothing company in Jimo has encountered a strange phenomenon: “The ratio of males and females coming to apply for and inquiring is 8:1. We are clothing and textiles. What do we do to recruit some male workers? "This strange phenomenon has not only met with Manager Wu. On February 6, the reporter asked Jimo's clothing and textile mills. It was found that there was also a problem of disproportionate sex between men and women, and lowering conditions may attract people. In this regard, an analyst in Qingdao's human resources market pointed out the reasons: "Female workers of the right age are all married and have children. Hometown enterprises are getting better and better, and women workers are less natural."

Only 10 of the 10 inquirers who were inquired were very unsteady during the Spring Festival. Managers handed over the recruiting to her. They advertised job advertisements from years ago. Although they received a call every day, they did not. suitable. “On the day of the New Year’s Eve, some people called to ask about the situation, but the effect was not good. A lot of calls were made by men. It is estimated that only one of 10 calls is a woman.” In addition to continuing to post job advertisements after the year, Manager Wu also took everyone to the recruitment site to recruit workers: “Clothes and textiles still want women workers, of course, the most insecure.”

Regardless of whether it was received by telephone or on-site recruitment, Manager Wu's brow became more wrinkled and tighter because she encountered a strange phenomenon: “The vast majority of clothing and textile mills recruited are men. From these As for the days of recruitment, the ratio of men and women has reached 8:1. What will happen in the future?”

Seeing that time passed by, manager Wu was also anxious to start a colleague's introduction of female workers. Only in this way did a female employee be recruited. “I have never encountered such a thing before. This year’s phenomenon is particularly evident. In order to expand the recruiting surface, we have also attached the recruitment contract to the industrial park. However, there are still many male workers to consult.”

Since ancient times, it has been "male ploughing, female weaving," and now it has become a "male weaving cloth." This strange phenomenon has occurred, and Mr. Wu has no idea how.

Although I can't figure it out, the workers still have to follow suit. The manager of the company, Wu Wuxi, is a clothing company in Jimo. The light and ink factory plans to recruit 150 people this year. In order to recruit workers, they also improved their salary: apprentices have a monthly salary of 1,600 yuan, and skilled workers have an early wage of between 2000 and 2,400 yuan, and they will increase at a later stage. One month later, we can see the result of the recruitment: We have recruited more than 50 people, and more than half of these 50 people are male workers.

2 Garment Factory Reluctantly Reduces Admission Requirements According to this recruitment demand, the main positions are: sewing workers, packaging, and ironing. Manager Wu said: "According to the recruitment situation, we will make adjustments again. For example, packing, ironing and sewing workers must continue to recruit the best female workers."

Compared with previous years, this year's recruitment conditions are much lower. For example, according to the previous requirements of clothing and textile mills, whether men or women aged over 40 years old did not receive, it is worried that workers will change their eyesight with age. Many of the people recruited in the past few years are young people in their 20s. But most of these people recruited this year are concentrated in their 30s or older. This is also a frustrating move.

Recruiting headaches, Manager Wu also said: “Most of these men recruited have no working experience and have to start from scratch. The male employees themselves are less capable than their female counterparts. Training is also much more troublesome. In the first two days, they finally recruited an experienced male worker who was 40 years old and received him because of experience or exception. “Everything was covered with paving, but hesitated when signing the contract. We were also worried that once we were hired, we wouldn’t go to work and leave. Finally, the man had no reason to say anything and he left. , it's too hard to recruit now..."

The strange phenomenon encountered by Manager Wu was also encountered by other clothing and textile companies. On February 6, the reporter contacted eight textile and garment companies in the city to understand the current employment situation of the company. The person in charge of a surname section of the Qingdao dyeing and finishing plant said that there are now 600 workers in the factory. In order to supplement the new force, the company also participated in several job fairs and recruited new employees. However, the results were not satisfactory. “Now it is really difficult to recruit people, but fortunately our company is a well-known big company in the local area. The treatment of employees is also good, so it is relatively better.”

Even so, Mr. Duan said that their companies did not recruit the expected number of people. Now that women workers are not easy to find, the phenomenon that companies are forced to recruit male workers does exist. “Like our clothing and textile companies, female workers themselves are dominant, although jobs like dyeing cloth do require male workers, but overall women’s workers demand more. But if female workers cannot recruit, companies can only recruit male workers. In the past few years, there have been more and more male workers.” Mr. Duan said that there are currently more than 600 employees in the company. The male-female ratio is basically the same, and male workers can account for almost half.

3 Several hundred yuan per month, it is still difficult to recruit a deputy manager of the Qingdao Ruihua Group Textile Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. to report to the reporter. Although the majority of their employees are women workers, the proportion of male workers is really high. Increasingly, this phenomenon has also attracted their attention. “The textile companies themselves also have positions that are active and require male workers, so the companies themselves will recruit some male workers. However, the number of male workers has actually increased over the years.”

Jimo Fangyi Garment Factory currently employs 130 people. The manager said: “Men’s workers currently account for 1/5. Although the proportion is not very prominent, many female employees in the field do not come back after the year, which affects the employment. , is currently trying to recruit."

Qingdao Zhengxing Group Co., Ltd. is also engaged in clothing and textiles. Although the proportion of male and female employees in the company has not yet appeared such a clear phenomenon, but also attracted their attention: "Since other clothing companies encountered this problem, it should also cause us attention."

Ms. Zhu worked in a foreign trade clothing company. Since she graduated from college in 2008 and has been in the company, she has been doing clothing business. The main work content is to look at the goods and inspection at the workshops of various cooperative manufacturers. From graduation to now less than three years, she also found that more and more male employees are now in the clothing and textiles industry. “At the time, I was still joking with the female boss of a garment factory in Zibo, saying that the female boss loved to hire male employees, but she told me that it was not a question of willingness or unwillingness. The female worker did not hire well.” Ms. Zhu said that she asked why at that time. ? She also did not explain clearly.

“It is even harder to recruit more workers this year. Regardless of male or female workers, we have four or five cooperative manufacturers in Jimo and we are complaining that raising the wages for employees has increased the cost by a lot.” Ms. Zhu said that each factory will raise wages this year. Regardless of which type of work, the monthly salary has been increased by several hundred yuan. Now most of the wages are more than 2,000 yuan per month, and workers like dyeing, finishing and ironing reach 3,000 yuan per month.

During the interview, the reporter learned of such a message. In order to recruit some companies to use intermediaries, they hope that they can help. However, there are not many people who have been sent by the agency this year. Before asking, we know that: In terms of the type of sewing worker, the salaries in the south are higher than here. To be higher than 800 yuan, there are great attractions, and the intermediary can only transport employees to the south, so the city's demand is naturally less.

Analysis: Where are the women workers?

As enterprises increase their salary and lower their recruitment requirements, they still cannot recruit enough female workers. Where did the female workers go? In this interview, many people in charge of textile and garment companies were also puzzled. What was the problem and why couldn't they recruit female workers?

On the afternoon of February 6, the reporter specially interviewed an analyst in Qingdao's human resources market. After listening to what the reporter said, he told reporters that the reduction in female workers should be an inevitable phenomenon.

The analyst told reporters that because the age of female workers working outside is mainly 18 to 25 years old, and after 25 years of age, most female workers will marry and have children. After giving birth, they have to take care of children for a year or two. "Although there are children left to look after the elderly home and work out of their own, but after all, is a minority, the vast majority of when the mother was more willing to stay home to find a living." The analyst said that the increase in township enterprises also stay She stayed in the footsteps of women going out to work. “They can find work at home. Most people will be willing to take care of their children while working from home.”

Relatively speaking, men do not have this problem. Even if a wife has children, she may take care of her at home for a short time and then come out to find a job. “So, in the textile and clothing industry, where the density of workers is high and the female workers are the absolute main force, it is relatively normal that women workers are difficult to hire and male workers are recruited.”

So, the analyst mentioned how to retain female workers to solve the labor shortage? The most crucial thing is to increase the benefits and benefits of employees and attract workers.

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