Take you to know what kind of lapis lazuli bracelet is worth

Today, lapis lazuli, along with jade, hetian jade, coral and turquoise, are listed as high-end raw materials for the five major crafts. Although the price of lapis lazuli is much lower than that of the other four, it does not affect the position of lapis lazuli in people's minds.


Lapis lazuli is more common in the market, and the price is very cheap. The average is about tens of yuan, especially the lapis lazuli bracelet, which is the favorite of many women.

In ancient times, lapis lazuli was once a symbol of wealth, status, and power. Ordinary people could not have it. Only talented people with high status and high status were possessed. The Pearl of the Ming and Qing Dynasties was made of lapis lazuli.

In ancient Egypt and the Babylonian period, the position of lapis lazuli was more noble, and it was a special gem of the ruling class, which shows how much people love lapis lazuli.

In Buddhism, the position of lapis lazuli is not low. It is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. It is often used to make beads, Ruyi, incense burner, Maitreya, Luohan, bracelets and so on.

From this point of view, under the elegant and beautiful appearance of lapis lazuli, there is still a long history and culture hidden in it, which is very worthy of collection.

When it comes to the collection value of lapis lazuli, many friends will ask if all the lapis lazuli have collection value? So many low-priced lapis lazuli ornaments sold in the market also have collectible value? Below, Xiaobian will tell you about the price of lapis lazuli and what kind of lapis lazuli can be preserved for investment.

What kind of lapis lazuli is suitable for investment collection?

Since it is a lapis lazuli for investment collection, it is necessary to first have the value of lapis lazuli, and secondly it must be able to preserve the value. These two points are indispensable and must be available at the same time.

Usually we all think that lapis lazuli with beautiful gold, white spots or white lines will look better. However, although it looks good, this lapis lazuli is the lowest. Because the gold, white spots, or white lines we see are all impurities in the lapis lazuli, the natural quality of the lapis lazuli containing impurities is not as good as its appearance.

In general, lapis lazuli, which can reach the gem level, is solid in color and uniform in color, containing no or little impurities. The lapis lazuli used in the royal family of ancient Egypt is pure blue, which is the "imperial green" we often hear. A lapis lazuli like this is a lapis lazuli with collectible value that can be preserved for a long time. The lapis lazuli that we usually see as lapis lazuli ornaments is of a commercial grade. Because of the high amount of impurities, it is designed into a variety of inexpensive and creative jewelry.

Gem-grade lapis lazuli is generally used to make high-end jewellery. The price is unmatched by ordinary lapis lazuli. It is usually around a few thousand dollars. Sometimes a better lapis lazuli merchant will sell it for every gram. Usually The price of one gram is between 50 yuan and 70 yuan. (The market is highly variable, the price is for reference only, based on the actual price.)

In summary, only the gemstone-level lapis lazuli has a collection value. In other words, if you want to preserve the value, you must look for the lapis lazuli jewel. The commercial grade lapis lazuli can only be used as a decoration. It does not have a collection value, and it cannot be preserved.

Grade division of gem-quality lapis lazuli

Although gem-quality lapis lazuli is already the leader among many lapis lazuli, it also has a strict classification in gem-quality lapis lazuli. According to the color depth of lapis lazuli and whether it contains pyrite, we divide the gem-grade lapis lazuli into three levels:

Gemstone level: dark purple with a slight purple color, uniform color distribution, strong luster, completely free of pyrite and calcite;

Gem II: pure blue or purple blue, uniform color distribution, strong luster, completely free of pyrite and calcite;

Grade III of gemstone: The optical characteristics are the same as that of gemstone and gemstone, but it contains pyrite and pyrite. It is a striking star-like dispersion distribution, which is equivalent to the Jinge wave variety.

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