The shoes that are often worn are small, but don't care

Feet "fat" is not a good thing

If you find that the shoes that are often worn by your feet are small on that day, you need to buy a bigger size shoe to wear. Feeling "fat" is often a sign of illness and must be identified. The following diseases can cause both feet to swell.

● Overweight: Excessive body fat can prevent body fluids from turning in the legs, causing the feet to swell.

● Gout: If your feet, especially the big toe, the feet, and the knees, suddenly become swollen and painful, the joints are hot, and they almost jump when they touch. It may be gout. The main reason is that there is too much accumulation of uric acid in the body and it cannot be discharged through the urethra or stool. Therefore, uric acid goes all over the body, and most of them go into joints and cause inflammation. Preventive measures should be taken from the diet to avoid eating fatty, high cholesterol foods and animal internal organs.

● Rheumatism: If your joints are often swollen and feel indescribable soreness and inconvenience, pressing down on the swelling and not sinking may be rheumatic swelling. The cause of rheumatism is complicated, in short, it is caused by chronic deficiency of blood and blood.

● Thyroid disease: hypothyroidism can also cause leg swelling, fatigue, cold, muscle paralysis, dry skin and constipation.

● Beriberi: If the foot is swollen and the body has no other discomfort, it may be beriberi. Due to the lack of vitamin B1, it is okay to add appropriate supplements.

● Caused by drugs: Hormonal drugs and some antihypertensive drugs and antidepressants have side effects that cause swelling of both legs.

• Heart problems: Feet swollen legs may also occur when the heart muscles are not able to properly pump blood to various parts of the body.

● Travelling swollen feet: On the way of sightseeing, no matter what kind of transport you are using, you can sit, stand, and march. As time goes on, your legs and feet will swell up. Medically, this leg-and-feet enlargement, which is caused by travel and has no other causes, is called "tourism leg swelling."

● Organ-induced edema: If you press the heel or instep, the swollen area will be depressed, and the muscles will lose their elasticity, which is called edema. The cause may be a decline in renal function, which causes water to remain in the body and cannot be excreted. Pulmonary water (ie, water leaks from the blood vessels and accumulates in the lungs and affects breathing) can also cause edema. In addition, if liver cells are extensively necrotic and form cirrhosis, they can cause other conditions, such as the appearance of ascites, which means that water accumulates outside the intestine and cannot be absorbed. Ascites

People also have swollen feet. If the functions of kidney, lung and liver are abnormal, they often affect each other and the consequences are serious. This can also happen when you eat too much salt during pregnancy.

Regardless of what causes swollen feet, it shows that the body is very weak. It can be said that the alarm bell has been sounded and must not be ignored.

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