Thousand Jiaozi underwear loving activities than love to pass the heart does not stop

Underwear brand entrepreneur Mr. Wu Mingjie, Wu has always advocated corporate social responsibility from the community, we act together! He immediately mobilized all the staff to participate in the organization of the earthquake disaster relief activities together to account for the financial manager's purchase of Yinlu rice pudding and mineral water of nearly 200 pieces and transported to Chennan hardest hit Chenxi Village, Xikou Village and Xibei Village, Disseminated to the hands of the victims, this spirit should learn, but also hope that more entrepreneurs can be like Mr. Wu, helpful.


千娇子内衣 爱心活动 爱大于天 让爱心传递不停断

千娇子内衣 爱心活动 爱大于天 让爱心传递不停断

Guangdong Shantou Expressway to Tian Xin and Qian Jiaozi Wu, respectively, in the Chen collection of road sections, went straight to the hardest hit front line, organize the command and supervision of material distribution, Qian Jiao Zi material distribution activities continued until about 8 o'clock that evening, Thousands of children Wu total and all staff continued their hard work, has been afraid to stop drinking saliva, looked at the hands of the victims received the gratitude of materials, showing a warm smile, one thousand Jiao all staff feel worth. A little bit of their own strength to help people in difficulty, is the happiest thing.

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