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Wan Zefeng International Fashion Group public micro signal opened! Group owns the "wonderful" brand women, the brand type of fashion women's workplace, together with scanning two-dimensional code, plus our official WeChat! Feel fashion simple, elegant and elegant urban women, "wonderful" wonderful life! Take you into the most IN fashion trend!

万泽丰 - WONDERFUL beauty

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Established in 1998, Shenzhen Wanzefeng Business Development Co., Ltd. is a self-produced and self-produced large-scale apparel and apparel enterprise. It mainly engages in the production, processing, sales and marketing of all kinds of garments and apparel. Since its establishment in 2006 in China, Operation Wonderful brand women's apparel, Wonderful brand apparel positioning in quite market purchasing power, the pursuit of lofty goals, a unique temperament and rich cultural connotation, the most suitable for the age of 25-40 years of modern urban high taste knowledge women wearing. Such customers generally have a more stable economic sources, with strong consumer potential, this class of consumers to pursue fashion rather than just fashion, emphasize the quality rather than just the brand, is a more rational and stable purchase of the crowd.

Wonderful fashion business women's clothing brand Wonderful fashion business women's brand with the latest fashion models, high-grade imported fabrics, exquisite three-dimensional cutting, very distinctive version of the type and exquisite craft made of condensation, although it is the best, but to mid-range price All walks of life, women of all ages, and so that every woman with a Wonderful Haute Couture share the European fashion women's clothing experience.

product structure--

Including needle, woven series, cashmere, sweater series, shirt, T æ¡– series, cotton coat coat series, down series, fur series, accessories, handbags, footwear and so on.

Brand spirit -

Wonderful brand set simple, fashion, content as a whole, with high-quality visual experience, to experience the quality of flu; smooth, perfect proportion of the lines, sketching fashion sense; to neat collocation, performance will be the spirit of choice for their own fashion, create Self-fashion, to provide physical and mental situation of the product

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