Warm congratulations on the "warhead" brand children's wear to attend the 16th Humen International Garment Fair

Warm congratulations on the "warhead" brand children's wear to participate in the sixteenth Humen International Garment Fair! Through more than a decade of development, Humen Fashion Fair has quietly led the trend of fashion. It attracts tens of millions of buyers every year, invites dozens of film and television media and hundreds of print media to cover the grand occasion of the show. To attend such a large-scale clothing exhibition can Significantly enhance brand awareness. The "warbler" brand will form its own unique style through one-year market practice and maintain its style of stability through inheritance and development. Now in order to further enhance the brand's market share and visibility, our "warhead" brand has signed up for Humen International Fashion Fair. Venue: Humen Yellow River Fashion City 6th Floor Booth: 345-350 Time: November 2011 18 - November 21, 2011 At the time of snakes Clothing Co., Ltd. all my colleagues sincerely invite your presence! Dongguan City alone Snake Clothing Co., Ltd Address: Humen Town, Dongguan City, the first industrial zone B47 Building Fortune Hotline:

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