What to wear blue blue winter blue what to wear with a single product

It seems that the blue single item is more popular in the summer, as the faint fresh colors seem to bring coolness to the hot air around them. Is there any room for it in the winter? Of course not, winter is a depressed dull season, if you touch the blue, the air will be more active Oh! So how to match the winter blue single product? Take a look Xiaobian today Ni Er wheat brand women !


Blue and gray seems to be very matched, very soft Oh! A soft and delicate blue sweater as a ride inside, coupled with a gray and white stitching grid coat, it is fashionable. A super-type ultra-classic blue coat, very temperament, but also showed a woman's feminine. Take a gray geometric sweater inside, warm and without losing beauty.

冬季穿蓝色好看么 蓝色单品如何搭配

Knitwear and coats are very common, we often wear out. This blue sweater blouse style is very unique and innovative, I believe we must draw a lot of attention. Such a blue blouse, take a black bottoming shirt coupled with an irregular skirt, great feeling Oh! Calmly demonstrated the elegant taste.

Photo credit: NI Er wheat Women

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