"Where pocket" children's clothing, happy harvest, share happiness

Step on the soft soil, we truly feel the hotbed of life can be so plain. As long as the season of the elderly floating in the air, all the sleeping seeds can be nurtured here, harvest here, to share here. Autumn girl and "where pocket" children gathered here, together with the children happy harvest, share happiness! "Where pocket" brand design team, based in Shanghai, the world. Design team composed of mature children's wear designers, continue to learn the European and American fashion elements, combined with the development trend of children's fashion in the East, the use of environmentally friendly health fabrics, the overall product is stylish, sunshine, without losing the individuality and classic. Unique design, excellent quality, has won a large number of consumers and children's clothing industry groups of all ages. Zhongshan Senmai Clothing Co., Ltd, is a large-scale modernized brand apparel company integrating design, production, sales and service. The company has more than 40,000 square meters of garden-like industrial park, more than 6,000 employees, including all types of management personnel, design talent, marketing personnel, more than 300 senior technicians. In product design, innovation, marketing, information management, brand culture and corporate culture construction has a strong strength. Children's wear is designed to help create a strong win-win platform for mutual benefit with upstream suppliers, win-win cooperation with middle-tier distributors and responsible consumers for downstream consumers. The goal is to create a strong Chinese children's clothing brand with the aim of helping The majority of children grow up happy as their responsibility, and gradually refined out of the East Asian children's clothing culture. Under this vision, the Company will continue to strengthen its management and optimization strategies in the hope that it can work with the vast number of channel partners to persevere in their pursuit of excellence and continuously exceed their ambitious goals.

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