Windshield film for explosion protection and maintenance

[China Glass Net] Whether the windshield is suitable for the film Many people have different opinions, but in the Xiaobian view, the windshield film will be better than the non-sticking effect, because the glass film can have various functions such as explosion-proof and radiation-proof. It is very important for the safety of the people inside the car.

1, to prevent stones hurt the car film glass <br> <br> riot function, it will secure a lot, in order to save trouble and save time and reduce unnecessary trouble.

2, isolated radiation

The second major function of the membrane is to block ultraviolet rays and other harmful rays, and the blocking efficiency can reach 99%. This function is far greater than the heat insulation effect, because the damage of the sun (the forum forum) causes the skin to be easily sunburned, and often drives. It will feel obvious, and it may hurt the eyes. It is very dangerous to let too many rays enter the eyes. Snow days can even cause snow blindness. Most people wear sunglasses, but many sunglasses do not even have the function of preventing UV, so the sunglasses will cause Pupil enlarges and enters more rays! The car film can solve this problem at all, even sunscreen can save some. Be aware that many sunscreens are not enough! It will also damage the skin to varying degrees! There is also the ability to prevent plastic products in the car from exposing the sun to shorten the life, becoming brittle and hard, and appearing discoloration and cracking! This can also be solved by the film!

3, to prevent frosted glass

Generally, the glass is dirty, and it is estimated to be used twice by the rain hanger. It is estimated that many people will do this. However, the general car will hang twice before the glass water is sprayed. At this time, there will be gravel in the small dust on the glass. It causes dry friction, so it is not surprising that the glass has a way. The glass of the old car is like this, or protect it early!

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