Winter must-have cotton jacket Variety with warmth Concentrated

Ben Wang News on November 13, the cool breeze that strikes has made people feel the cold, warm and thick cotton coat is the most essential item in winter. This season's fashion personality cotton coat is widely loved by MM, a fashionable cotton dress can wear a variety of styles, with jeans, casual and generous; with skirts, sweet and lovely ... no matter how ride, are Can create a very fashionable dress.

Lace hook flower lace or not too delicate

Lace hook flower lace or not to stitch too delicate, very fitting woolen coat, wear too thin is not a good thing, waist is obviously not, retro snowflake color, in fact, if the cut a little bit shorter, then very small Suit matching effect.

Autumn and winter is very intimate single product, the front is oblique zipper design

Autumn and winter are very intimate single product, the front is the oblique zipper design, that is, so that the collar can wear a variety of effects to come, but such a large lapel, domineering ah, sleeves and back is a cloth-level collage. The cuffs of the cashmere can be exposed, and the neckline echoes, snow-white, visual impact is strong, this single product, in the autumn and winter season to really wear, the overall design will not be too bloated, but Everything you want is there.

The heavy feeling of cotton clothing is more than enough for the winter.

The heavy feeling of cotton clothes is more than enough for the winter, and the clothes are slightly looser. Basically, there is no problem. The waist and the hem are tied with a drawstring. The slim little girl can be tied up to be waisted, open and worn. Buttoning up on the neckline can be recessed into different styling sensations.

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