"Yuan beauty fashion" brand women's hot investment ......

" Yuan beauty fashion " brand clothing to "natural, fresh, simple, stylish," the lady flavor, deeply attractive urban young women consumers. The company adopts modernized network management, a sound organizational structure and full implementation of brand strategy. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has been keeping abreast of the international trend, grasping the tide of trends, capturing the market with precision, constantly introducing the advanced equipment and scientific management thought from abroad, "Yuan beauty fashion" to build a good absorption of the latest information, leading the fashion trend platform, from development, production to sales, every aspect of every detail, "Yuan beauty fashion" are the pursuit of perfection.


Franchise policy: There are investors specializing in the garment industry, with a certain degree of economic strength, good reputation, to accept the company's business philosophy, can devote themselves fully into the garment industry.
Cooperation Pattern: Franchise (monopoly), agent.

Join agent:
1, the operating space of not less than 30 square meters, is located in the city's brand street.
2, 3,000 yuan deposit shop, agent 20,000 yuan deposit (one month after the expiration of the contract no interest returned) Free franchise.
3, the company offers a unified style of free decoration design, the cost borne by the franchisee.
4, Settlement and Transport: payment to delivery, the factory by the delivery company charge d'affaires, transportation costs borne by the franchisee.
5, company support: The company provides free shopping bags, VIP membership cards, badges, system training, terminal management and system manuals.


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