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At a Vienna festival with the theme "Leap", the fashion designer carlo zeroc came here and met the fashion guru ivan sink who was just as obsessed with music as he ), The two met at the festival, and from the music festival to feel the harmony between music and fashion, zsnoi brand should be "rhyme" born. Its brand adhering to the "calmly enjoy" philosophy and aesthetic pursuit of enjoyable ease of life style. zsnoi combination of its distinctive design style, clenched the trend of the pulse, emphasizing the dynamic and comfortable, extensive use of zegna, gore-tex and sealell and other high-tech fabrics and rigorous tailoring to create a low-key luxury, stylish and comfortable exquisite clothing, sink network line under the strong promotion, just a few years has become the leading brand in the field of e-commerce. At the 2010 Milan Fashion Week, zsnoi debuted to the world with the theme of "zs no i, but the whole world!" And has since taken the world's fashion scene. zsnoi men's brand introduced the fashion business series zsnoi colleciton, zzsnoi leisure series, sports series zsonisport, a total of three series. With the continuous development of business, today zsnoi brand in Milan, Hong Kong have set up a clothing research and development centers, and together with the rich silver (China) into the Chinese market together, I believe that has always been the wind vane of the zsnoi brand, will bring more Many surprises.

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